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Beer Pong

Want to be the real life of the party? Put the bats down, grab the red cups and challenge your pals to a game of Beer Pong! An American staple for many years, the concept is simple… get your balls in your opponents cup!

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Standard Beer Pong Rules

The 10 cups are arranged in a pyramid shape with the pointy end towards your opponent
The game is played 2 v 2

1 throw per player per round
If you land it in the opponents cup the cup is removed and they drink!
If both players in a team get it in the cup in the same round you get an extra shot each
Shots must be thrown behind the table… no leaning forward!
You are allowed 2 re-stacks per game… to be taken when you choose

You cannot touch the ball until it bounces
If the ball bounces before it gets t the cup you may swipe the ball away

How To Win
Once you have eliminated all of your opponents cups you win!
Your opponent is allowed the chance to redeem themselves. They must eliminate all of the cups without missing. Miss once and they lose.
If they manage to redeem themselves the game goes to sudden death. If one team gets it in and the other misses then it is game over!

Special Rules – Up to you if you use them!
Bounce Rule – for every bounce on the floor the defence loses a cup – catch it before it hits the ground! Great for speed games!
Bounce Back – if the ball rolls back to the attacking team they get another go!
Air Ball – if you completely miss the table it’s instantly the other teams go
Instant Win – If you have eliminated a specific cup and you can get it in the same cup before the opponent has finished drinking it you win instantly!

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